Hotdog is a poetry magazine.

Hotdog aims to challenge the gender discrepancy in literature, art and publishing. Each issue pushes boundaries, bringing truth, pain and laughter to the page, blurring the space between poetry, art and design.

Created by Megan Conery and Molly Taylor

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Print Tearing it Up
Not so Popular
Brno Biennale
Sister – Do you DIY? 
Vogue Milan, Reading Room


London College of Communication, Gender & sexuality in journalism
Design Museum x Stack Magazines, Self-publishing & print production
The Roundhouse, Finding your voice

Selected Talks

Hidden Women of Design, ReAct
Nottingham Trent, Raw Print
London College of Communication, Voices in Publishing
Stack Magazines, Printout


We want to encourage other people to be excited about writing by women, so hopefully our enthusiasm is infectious.
Lit Hub

'Hotdog is all about femme poetry with great graphics.'

'Poetry-focused Hotdog Magazine is carving a niche for itself with the use of terminally uncool features like Minion Pro, gradients, and QR codes.'
AIGA Eye on Design

'Hotdog is everything you don’t expect a poetry magazine to be: funny, loud and unassuming.'
Stack Magazines

'The chaotic design of the magazine adds to the magazine’s unpretentiousness, making it feel like a scrapbook of words and ideas instead of a heavily curated, dense publication. Hotdog is never over-thought, allowing its commitment to the artists to really come through.'

'If the word “poetry” feels stodgy and unapproachable, Hotdog might be the magazine for you. Despite its phallic name, this U.K.-based poetry magazine—which also features fiction and interviews—is actually dedicated to women and individuals identifying as non-binary.'
Interview Magazine

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