Submissions for issue 3 are closed 

We are always happy to accept submissions and love reading all year round, I mean who doesnt? right?  . 

We encourage submissions from queers, femmes, bipoc, lgbtq, trans/gender nonconforming, people with (dis)ability/ies*, women and all the beautitful people who are out there on the margins. Hotdog is, and always will be a safe space to share your words and feelings. We never publish anything without the express approval from the author and are always open to collaborating, draftig,  redrafting until you're happy. We understand the personal nature of poetry and putting something into print can be stressful, we are here for you and with you (and are in the same boat ourselves). 

🌭🌭More than anything we want to hear from you. Send drafts. Together we’ll do something special. In London, let's hang, do people still do that?  🌭❤️🌭❤️